Omakase links: post-holiday bluesnixer roundup

* WEAR: hardware, horsie, farm, jungle, and dinosaur jewelry by Nicola Vruwink of Los Angeles. (thanks Luke Burbank)

* EAT/SLEEP: "Bib sheets" you sleep in. When you wake up, tie them around your neck for in-bed noshing. (via)

* LISTEN: Balkan Beatbox, from Brooklyn. Eastern European + dub + breakbeats + Mediterranean party vibe.

* READ: DieselSweeties in the dead-tree papers. Creator R. Stevens just inked a deal with funnies syndicator United Features Syndicate. (thanks hutch)

* LISTEN: The new Nokia 8800 Sirocco futurephone comes pre-programmed with sounds by Brian Eno. (via pho list)

* READ: New textfiles book from Cult of the Dead Cow: The Book of Cao. Like this. Buy here.

* EAT: Vosges ice cream, ships overnight anywhere in the US via FedEx in a box of dry ice. Sampled it and loved it. Extreme lush flavor combos. Chipotle/Cinnamon/Chocolate; Curry/Coconut; Pandan leaf (Nilla wafers meets pine nut), Australian Wattleseed (sort of hazelnutty). Sounds scary, tastes yummy and approachable enough that my 87-year-old Italian foodie neighbor said "s'aright. i like. is good." Goes great with her pistachio cake, which, alas, is not available online. (thanks Ruth)

* EXPLODE: New "carbonated" and "energy" candies by Jones Soda. If mentos + coke = rapid carbonic geyser, what do all three Jones products together produce? Worth a try. (thanks Luke)

* WATCH: World 3D Film Expo at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, September 8-13. Guaranteed to be free from anaglyph (red-blue).

* LISTEN: New funktronica tracks by Q-Burns Abstract Message. Among them: "Alexander East - Breathe Again (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)." The selekta explains, "A remix I've recently finished... contains an appearance by New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on vocals." MP3 Link to this track; more free beats by Q-Burns here.