World's greatest anime mashup

Last week I saw the most incredible piece of mashup video I've ever seen -- "The Race," a mashup of over 100 anime clips. It's characters from over 100 cartoons participating in a rotoscoped "Whacky Race," while high-octane music jabbers in the background. The creators at Istiv Studios graciously granted me permission to post a copy of the video online. Now you can see it too.

After a few minutes of editing i realize that, just putting characters in a race, make them run from a point to an other, should be boring. So i had the idea to put in it some "Chibi Things"-like fighting. Now my race became a fighting race. A sort of "Wacky Race" with participants, tricking, cheating, to win the great prize. I was prepared to do a lot of rotoscoping, but at this point i never imagined how much of cutings i'm going to do, to complete this project. After 1 year of editing, and many stops caused by boringness, world of warcraft or my Ph D. rush ... i finally finish the vid.