Alien clone sex cult leader launches "Clitoraid" campaign

Raël, the self-appointed space messiah of the swingin', clone-lovin', Raelian Movement has launched a website where you can "Adopt a Clitoris" and surgically "restore pleasure" to African women who have suffered forced clitoral excision, or female genital mutilation. The fact that such atrocities are committed against African women is of course very real, and not one bit funny. But this website -- well, that's another story.

Link to Clitoraid, which rhymes with Clonaid and Stemaid, any of which would probably pair nicely with Gatorade when you've just stepped onto a hot planet like the one pictured at left. (thanks, numlok)

Reader comment: Daniel V. Klein says,

I sent a pointer to the site cited in this post to my Mother, and she said:

"Hard to tell. The background info is pretty accurate, but restoring the clitoral nerve is nonsense. I assume it's a money making scheme. Sleazy way to make a buck."

You might say "ordinarily, I love reader comments", but my Mom is one of the preeminent researchers and writers on FGM. You can check her credentials here.


  1. I’m shocked at Clitoraid’s humiliating campaign urges supporters adopt African women’s clitorises.

    According to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Clitoraid has successfully mobilized over U.S.$120,000 from U.S. supporters alone in support for their humiliating clitoris adoptions. They have raised even more in countries like France and Australia where they are also active in their demeaning campaign.

    Surprisingly they have gained support from Good Vibrations, one of the most allegedly progressive feminist businesses in the U.S.

    Feminists Challenging Clitoraid is a group mobilizing a vocal challenge to the humiliating and racist exploitation of the issue of Female Circumcision for dubious fundraising purposes and we could really use your support.

    In response to Good Vibration’s recent dismissal of our challenge we are calling for reinforcements and we need you to lend your voice in pushing back.

    Instead of supporting Clitoraid we feel that Good Vibrations should support any of the numerous African women’s organizations who have been mobilizing around the issue for generations. Supporting a cult is not the same as supporting African women’s own initiatives!

    We do not encourage the continuation of Female Circumcision! We call for respect for African women when addressing this important issue.

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