200 ways to fight DRM this Tuesday

DefectiveByDesign's Peter Brown writes in with "Zuned" -- a sticker-designed produced for October 3, the International Day Against DRM.

There are over 200 projects proposed for the Anti-DRM Day, from Free DRM-Free movie downloads to encouraging French citizens to continue turning themselves into the police for violating France's barbaric new DRM law.

I got all fired up after reading an article about ZUNE and talking to one of my cohorts about it. What do you think of these? I took my favorite iteration of an imprisoned DefectiveByDesign stick figure you use and applied it to a few different layouts - Amy

Zune, I understand, is pronounced F*** when written in Hebrew. It seems that when you transfer a music file from one Zune to another, that file will get deleted after 3 days/plays - even if what you transfer is licensed under creative commons...

That seems pretty f***** to me.

Link (Thanks, Peter!)