Hidden rooms on the rise

The NYT reports on the increasing trend to building secret rooms in contemporary houses: not just fortified "safe rooms" for the home-invasion paranoids, but also playful rooms hidden behind bookcases, stairs and others that speak to our inner Bruce Wayne.

A concealed room can also function as a direct passage to childhood memories. When David Lee and his wife, Daphne, moved into their house in Plano, Tex., in March, they found themselves with too many unused bedrooms. Mr. Lee set up a workroom with tools, a computer and a workbench in one of the empty rooms. But it did not take long for the couple to decide to install a bookcase door, at a cost of almost $2,000, and turn the space into a secret room. "I always wanted one," he said, "since watching Scooby-Doo way back when."
Link (via BLDG Blog)

(Photo thumbnail above cropped and shrunk from a photo credited to Mark Peterman in the NYTimes)