E! pwns G4

Comcast, the parent company of both G4 and E! Networks, is consolidating shop and moving the gaming-themed channel into the entertainment TV network's camp. Snip from TVWeek article:
E! and Style chief Ted Harbert has been given the newly created title of CEO, Comcast Entertainment Group. He will continue to report to Comcast Programming Group President Jeff Shell. G4 President Neal Tiles, who joined the network in September 2005, will now report to Mr. Harbert. G4's executive staff will move into E!'s Los Angeles offices. Sources said layoffs among the G4 staff are likely, though Mr. Harbert said it's too soon to tell.

"When there is consolidation, if we find there's overlap in administrative and support positions, we'll have tough calls to make," he said. "But we haven't looked at that yet." Mr. Harbert said he has not yet decided whether G4's Santa Monica production facilities will move as well. "They're shooting shows in very expensive space, but we're already maxed out at this building," he said. "I don't know what the answer is, but nothing will happen for a while."

Link, and this Wikipedia article provides a timeline of G4's history (Hey, remember TechTV? Good times. Good times.) (thanks, David Ahrendts!)