Enron Explorer mines Enron's emails

Charles sez,
To celebrate Mr Skilling's sentencing, the "Enron Explorer" offers access access to the whole corpus of 200,000 enron emails released during the fraud investigation.

The system generates a visualisation of each executive's social network and analyses the thematic signature of their communications. you can access each person's mailbox, read individual messages, or take a thematic slice through the archive. clicking on someone in the visualiser zooms them to the centre and loads their information.

My personal favourite from Mr Skilling is:

"Fuck you, you piece of shit. I can't wait to see you go down with the ship like all the other vermin. Smug, paranoid, unhappy mother fucker. Eat shit."

Link (Thanks, Charles!)

Update: Ben sez,

Further to that Enron Explorer story, a close look through the archives suggests that the "Fuck you, you piece of shit" email was sent by a troublemaker pretending to be Skilling, not Skilling himself.

Skilling had resigned as CEO when that email was sent from the Yahoo! address jeffreyskilling@yahoo.com, so it's something that he plausibly might have said, given that he isn't a very nice person.

However, Skilling was having his Enron mail forwarded to markskilling@hotmail.com and it doesn't look like the Yahoo address is his.

This message shows that whoever sent the "Fuck you" had entered the name "jeff lawson" when setting up the Yahoo! account.

Andy Zipper, the recipient, asks HR to deal with the problem:

And this message *may* represent the offender being found and punished (by his employer, an energy trading company):

"We pulled the log ... found the guy ... and told him to knock it off. Please let me know if there is a repeat performance."