Diabetic flyer comatose after he's denied a scary liquid: insulin


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  1. RyanBrice says:

    Hi, My name is Ryan Brice,
    I have been a diabetic now for 13 years,
    I also agree with you there Chris, lack of insulin or going without insulin will now send you in a coma, but it can do some serious damage to your eyes and kidneys,
    but also on regards of Mr Loker,
    personally you have to agree, being a diabetic and a medical student is not the same, you learn at med-school, you live it in reality being a diabetic, nobody knows your own body other than yourself, take it from me, like i have said “i have been a diabetic now for 13 years” i have gone through many episodes of DKA and personally it is’nt nice what so ever, but then you have other doctors telling you all the damage that can happen if you refuse to take your insulin, but nobody will trully know your body other than youself, not all diabetics are the same, some can live a perfect life, others can’t, but thinking it through, doctors are so what wrong at times, and all they can do is sit back and watch you throw your guts up because of DKA,
    Chris, i understand fully where you are coming from, and i like talking to somebody that have the same range of diabetes as myself, but Mr Loker, you are wrong where you say ” I know that a lack of access to insulin for a long enough time can send a type I diabetic into a coma.” because like i said not all diabetics are the same.

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