MySpace will block uploads of copyrighted music announces it will attempt to prevent uploads of unauthorized, copyrighted songs by using database and monitoring technology from Gracenote:
The move comes amid pressure from major studios and record labels against popular online sites like MySpace and YouTube, which they accuse of infringing the copyrights of their artists' music and videos.

MySpace, one of the most popular sites on the internet, licensed technology from privately-held Gracenote allowing it to review music recordings uploaded by community members to their profiles.

The technology compares those filed with Gracenote's database of copyrighted material and can block uploads without proper rights. Terms of the licensing agreement were not disclosed.

Link (Reuters), Link (BBC) (Thanks, Lisbeth, Phil)

Reader comment: Aaron Newton says,

So, what if you're the owner of the copyrighted work? I built/launched Music which is host to thousands of mp3s from indie and labels alike. When we spot a file that looks like a pirated file, we contact the uploader and seek credentials, but we can't always spot everything. The DMCA protects us in the event that a user uploads something illegally (not that I'm stumping for that terrible piece of legislation). If Myspace blocked every upload based on the gracenote db, how would all the bands that happen to be in there upload their own music? It's moves like this, which aren't necessary due to the way the DMCA works, that makes sites like this less socially relevant. MySpace is a haven for bands because it gives them these tools and doesn't make them really work hard to get their stuff online.

Relatedly, there's got to be an irony that the gracenote db was contributed to by all the people who used it before it was walled off. I bet you an RIAA lawyer could come up with a way to sue them for using that metadata commercially, if they wanted to.

Andrew McLester says,
I recently came out of the studio having recorded 4 original songs that were entirely written by me and a friend. I created a new page ( to showcase our work and after downloading our songs one of the main pieces (Festival Of The Seagoat) I recieved a "copyright infringement" notice next to the song on the edit page and consequently all the songs on my page are frozen. Frustrating to say the least! I've emailed support numerous times with no response....I cannot fathom how Gracenote technology can at all be accurate, as evidenced by this caper, and in the meantime I'm stuck with a frozen page and a piece of software telling me that my hardfought creative output is not mine after all! Thanks for reading and in advance for any help!