Omakaseween: Cylons, pumpkins, phantoms of lost liberties.

* Link to Battlestar Galactica-themed funny.

* The Mac-o-Lantern: Link.

* Scare the bejeezus out of people, and dress up as the Patriot Act: Link.

* This pumpkin carves itself: Link

* HOWTO cook a realistic, bloody brain: Link. No advice for HOWTO eat it.

* Marshmallow mummy and monster cupcakes: Link

* Suicide Girls comix-themed Halloween photoset (for adults only): Link

* For one day, today, this child has transformed into a fearsome samurai: Link.

* Zombie Clown Haikus:

Split them wide open
Entrails look like sausages
Go get the ShopVac

* Stop sending me links to goatse jackolanterns. Stop. All of you. Because I won't post them, I say, not one single link. No. So played out.

(Thanks, Sean Kennedy, Steve, Scott Fuller, Damon, Jesse Thorn, Alec Muffett, Matthew Harris, Helen @ SuicideGirls)

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