Audio from Toronto Free Software Symposium

Toronto's excellent Free Software and Open Source Symposium has posted the audio from its talks. Organizer Bob Boyczuk sez, "There's some pretty cool stuff, including keynotes by Shaver, by Marcel Gagne (who explained why we suck at promoting open source), and by Nat Friedman (who made a case for the OED being an early open source project, then somehow managed to segue into a demo of Novell's cool new SLED 10 desktop - not sure how he did that, but it was seamless at the time). There's a whole bunch of other talks by a variety of people on a variety of interesting open source and open content and licensing issues, including EFF's Ren Bucholz's talk on the 'Next Generation DRM Systems and the Shadowy International Organizations Who Love Them,' and Chris Blizzard's talk on OLPC. And the list goes on and on. All of this is available in divx and mp3 (later today) formats, and under a CC license." Link

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