EFF fights another DMCA abuser

EFF's Derek Slater sez, "Michael Crook isn't the only bully who's abusing the DMCA. This week, EFF also fought back against 'self-help' group Landmark Education's attempts to suppress an investigative television news piece critical of its methods. Using the DMCA and alleged copyright violation as a pretext, Landmark subpoenaed three websites hosting the video -- the Internet Archive, Google Video, and YouTube -- seeking the identities of the anonymous uploaders. But the news piece at issue isn't copyrighted by Landmark, and to the extent the video includes Landmark's copyrighted material, such use is self-evidently fair use. EFF filed objections to these bogus subpoenas on behalf of the Internet Archive and the Google Video uploader. YouTube sent notification to the user about its subpoena and is giving the user a reasonable opportunity to move to legally nullify, or 'quash,' it." Link (Thanks, Derek!)