New game store/hang-out in Indianapolis

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My nephew Ari Pescovitz is a hardcore gamer into RPG, miniatures, boardgames, and cardgames. Growing up in Indianapolis, he spent most of his weekends in a local game store where the manager encouraged kids to play, organize tournaments, and just hang out (even when they didn't have any cash to spend). The bad (though predictable) news is that the store shut down years ago. The good news is that Ari, now in college, and his buddy Jerry Poore just opened their own game store in Indianapolis with 1,000 square feet of raw gaming space, no cover charge, and plenty of junk food. As part of the Games To Die For grand opening, Ari and Jerry are hosting a Star Wars Miniatures tournament this coming Saturday, November 11, and donating a portion of the day's sales to the Riley Childrens Hospital. On hand will be a dozen Stormtroopers in full regalia, the CEO of Riley (aka Ari's mom), and Darth Vader. It's sure to be a nerdtastic time. If you're in the area, please stop by!