Creative Commons board-member's literary mystery novel

Jamie Boyle, copyfightin' law professor who sits on Creative Commons's Board, has just published a fun literary mystery about the true authorship of Shakespeare's works. It's called The Shakespeare Chronicles and it's available as a CC download (one chapter a week for free, $1.50 for the whole thing now) or as a print book. He notes, "It's a novel I started writing 19 years ago -- I am a slow worker -- when I was Shakespeare's lawyer in a televised mock trial in front of three Supreme Court Justices. He was accused of not being the real author of his own works."
A novel that is part literary mystery, part historical detective story, built around an obsessive search for the true author of Shakespeare's works.

Stanley Quandary is a professor of English and a very ordinary man. But then he starts to have the strangest, most realistic dreams, dreams that seem to solve one of the greatest mysteries of all time, to expose a conspiracy of silence that is over 400 years old. They even suggest a way to win back his estranged wife. Of course, he might be going insane... .

Link (Thanks, Jamie!)