Sticker Graphics: mixed-media books of sticker art

Sticker Graphics is a series of gorgeous box-set mixed-media books devoted to sticker art (something I have a lot of passion for). I picked up issue two ("Do You Love Stickers?") at Reading Frenzy last week, taken by the gorgeous, Space-Odysseyesque curved white box, which has a transparent compartment on the top filled with handsome stickers and patches. There's a drawer set into the box that slides open to reveal a book of lush sticker-art photos, a "locker poster" of stickers, and a DVD of little sticker animations (these are the least interesting part of the package).

The stickers and book, though, are really terrific -- it makes me wish I had a new laptop to cover. There's a lot of Japanese-looking die-cuts, a lot of little stickers perfect for filling in the blank spaces on your canvas (or decorating smaller phones and cameras) and some nice retro and Euro-stickers. The book provides a fascinating tour of global sticker design and placement. Sticker Graphics: All you need is..., Sticker Graphics 2: Do you love stickers?