Library of America to publish Philip K. Dick

The excellent Library of America--publisher of hardcover editions of such literary greats as Fitzgerald, Melville, Thoreau, Twain, and Stein--will release a collection of four novels from surrealist science fiction author Philip K. Dick. Neo-noir author Jonathan Lethem is slated to edit the volume. (Link to my post on Monday about PKD's influence on Lethem.) From the Associated Press:
"(Dick) is someone, like Raymond Chandler, who took the conventions of a pulp genre and made very adventurous literary use of them," Max Rudin, publisher of the Library of America, told The Associated Press on Tuesday...

Beyond literary merit, Rudin cited a couple of factors in choosing Dick – the 25th anniversary next summer of Blade Runner, which will be marked by director Ridley Scott's remastered "final cut," and the positive response to the Library of America's volume of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, published in 2005.

"There were a lot of people who felt their reading tastes were validated by including Lovecraft in the library," Rudin said.
Link (Thanks, Professor Gill!)