Downloadable calendar features retro sci-fi women

The Website at the End of the Universe is offering its yearly PDF calendar featuring vintage science fiction magazine covers of women in bikini spacesuits and other practical garments.
Picture 4-17 Decades before Princess Leia ever wore her metal bikini in Return of the Jedi, women frequently modeled fine metallic swimwear on the covers of pulp science fiction magazines to excite the imaginations of impressionable, young readers.

Relive those days by downloading the Website at the End of the Universe’s free 2007 calendar. Each month features a different bathing beauty from the future as illustrated on a vintage science fiction magazine cover.

No religious or secular holidays are indicated on the calendar, but the birthdays of different science fiction authors, editors and artists are there for you to start new holidays. Tell your boss that you’re taking January 2nd off because it’s Isaac Asimov’s birthday.