LA post-punk mag from 1981: WET

What a neat old gem this is: scanned for your pleasure, an entire issue of the alt/art/underground Los Angeles culture zine WET, from 1981. Love hotels, a bunch of old Ed Ruscha art, paranormal phenomena ads, Rodney on the ROQ, and a side-by-side interviews with Johnny Rotten and a then-26-year-old David Lee Roth. My favorite part is an essay on the "emerging field of xerox art," and related musings on cutups and intellectual property law: "Xerox means never having to honor a copyright."

Link to main page, and here's all the scanned pages side by side (you have to scroll to the right to move forward). (Thanks, Lex10)

Reader comment: Scott Jacobson says,

Don't forget Mark's post from May 2004: Wet Magazine scans from 1978