Batman fish

The Otocinclus batmani is a newly-discovered species of catfish that's named after comix hero Batman. Ichthyologist Pablo Lehmann, of the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul, named the fish based on a bat symbol-like spot on its tail. The fish, around 4cm long, was discovered in Colombia and Peru. From Practical FIshkeeping magazine:
 Pfk Images Batmani 1 "The name batmani, alludes to Bob Kane's hero Batman of the comic adventures, which had a bat shape for his symbol, referring to the single W- or bat-shaped vertical spot on the caudal fin", wrote Lehmann.

"Otocinclus batmani differs from the O. cocama by the absence of vertically elongated blotches from the dorsal midline to the ventral border of flanks, and by lacking the posterior extension of black pigmentation on the base of two central caudal-fin rays."