EFF defends wikis from clueless judges

EFF is defending the rights of an anonymous wiki contributor who added a link to some Eli Lilly documents to the Zyprexa wiki. The Eli Lilly documents aren't flattering to the company, and a judge has ordered the link to be censored. The NYT has a great story on the case, which is in the New York courts rights now.
...[T]he court temporarily enjoined an expansive list – 14 named individuals, two health advocacy groups (MindFreedom International and the Alliance for Human Research Protection), their Web sites, and a site devoted to the Zyprexa issue – not just from “further disseminating these documents.” They were specifically ordered to communicate the injunction to anyone else who had copies, and enjoined from “posting information to Web sites to facilitate dissemination of these documents.”

That’s right – it appeared that even writing on their Web sites something like, “Hey, there’s a site in Brazil where you can get those Zyprexa documents,” would run afoul of the injunction...

On his TortsProf blog (snipurl.com/Torts), William G. Childs, an assistant professor at Western New England School of Law in Springfield, Mass., put it this way in a headline: “Judge Tries to Unring Bell Hanging Around Neck of Horse Already Out of Barn Being Carried on Ship That Has Sailed.”

Link (Thanks, Fred!)

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Update: Jonathan sez, "a google search for ZyprexaKills.tar.gz will turn up 139 hits - I managed to find a copy from a canadian journalist inside of 2 minutes. Google's cache also currently shows the http://zyprexa.pbwiki.com mirrors page