Sony's extended warranty is a rip-off


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  1. rob mc says:

    I was not surprised to see that someone else experienced the exact same problem that we had with SONY and their extended computer warranties. I sent an overnight mail letter to Sir Howard Stringer (Chairman and CEO of Sony USA, an email, and a phone call) absolutely no response back whatsoever! Surely there are more people out in the world with the same bad experience. I propose that we should all band together and make our best attempt at publicizing this problem. Maybe that way we will have a chance of being compensated. Or at least bring about needed changes in SONY warranty policies. Please reply to

  2. Anonymous says:

    I purchased a 3-year extended warranty together with my VAIO VGN-FW290 laptop about a year ago. Prior to completing this purchase on Sony Style website, I called Sony main line and the rep confirmed that indeed the extended warranty includes the battery replacement. After 6 months of using the laptop, I began to notice that the battery is draining faster and now it doesn’t last 10 minutes without charge. When I called Sony extended support, I couldn’t get through to the right department and had to redial numerous times and try different menu options. One of those options lead me to a section where the system asked me to enter my phone number and then my credit card information (seriously?!?!). Eventually one of the reps gave me the number to ServiceNET (which is not even listed on Sony website) and I had a great pleasure of speaking with 3 other people including a supervisor named Ebony, who informed me that I should have read the Terms&Conditions better, because it clearly states that batteries are not included. I politely explained that was the whole point of me buying this extended service. I’ve owned 3 Sony VAIO laptops in the past and all of them had battery problems. Compare that to an HP Pavillion which I bought for my parents almost 3 years ago and which is running with it’s original battery and can still go for over 3 hours without charge. My previous VAIO I bought at Circuit City along with their CityAdvantage 2-year service plan which also included the battery replacement, therefore it never even occurred to me that Sony could possibly not cover THEIR OWN batteries. The bottom line – I feel scammed. After so many years of being a loyal Sony user, I’m incredibly disappointed in their service. I hate the feeling of being taken advantage of. This is NOT the way to treat your clients. I expected more of Sony… God knows all I wanted is for Sony to stand by their words and provide me with the service I paid for. Instead, I am now just another bitter customer who will think twice before buying anything made by Sony. Buyers, beware!!! Don’t get scammed into buying Sony Extended Service Plan! It’s a joke! =(

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have been having the same problems with Sony Service NET. Those bums came out and “fixed” my mother board, and ended up breaking the new one, the CPU, keyboard, memory card adapter, AND the old motherboard when I asked him to put it back in until they got me a new motherboard…Those bastards then sent it out to California (mind you I have a ON SITE plan) and it has been broken ever since….Every time I call them i keep getting shuffled around, no one is responsible….Oh and they reformatted my HDD WITHOUT my permission, I SPECIFICALLY told them NOT to reformat when they called to ask, and they did anyway, and gave me nothing in return, not even an apology.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sony’s Extended Warranty also a Rip Off.

    Spent $500 on a new digital camera and got the
    5 year extended warranty all with Sony style.
    At least that is what they had me believe when I was buying it. Then, I spent another $400 on accessories.

    Just over a year, the camera lens won’t open right. Sent it in for repair and they now want me to take an entirely different camera for $175 and buy out the remainder of the warranty with this offer. Thus voiding any new issues of repairs.

    Amazon sells the original camera I had for $398. What about all the accessories that only fits the original camera? Sony says, suck it up.

    Never again will I be swindled to buy an extended warranty from Sony.
    Sony doesn’t even do the repair work, but some
    other company they farm it out to called Service Net.
    It was Sony who sold me the warranty, but now
    they claim it is out of their hands as the warranty is through Service Net, who they
    contracted with.

    I asked that they just send back my camera,
    and they told me that would cost me $80 to
    get it back. What a rip off.

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