Creepy Telly Savalas video from 1975

Gar says: Picture 8-11 Holy Gopod. Have you seen this video, from 1975, of Telly Savalas ah... speaking that warhorse of '70s wedding cheese "If?" I've never seen anything more mind-scouring in my life.

I like how he almost burns one of his... harem-members(?). And are we looking at this scene out the neck of a brown-glass beer bottle or down the barrel of a gun? I vote for the latter. Okay, I think I'll grow my hair back now...

Reader comment:

Jon Adams says:

I think you're watching him from the inside of a womb. From the point of view of one of his unborn offspring. And you're supposed to decide, knowing he's the man who's seed created you, whether or not you want to come out.