State of Massachusetts insists on calling ATHF ads "hoax devices"


One Response to “State of Massachusetts insists on calling ATHF ads "hoax devices"”

  1. Lulu says:

    Boston-area police and prosecutors have a history going back to 2004 of calling anything they don’t like a hoax device. It started when they were preparing for the Democratic Convention, tons of federal dollars were flying around, and they discovered that they would get more federal money every time they called out the bomb squad for a random object (briefcase, lunch bag, baby stroller, etc.) and every time they arrested someone and charged them with possession of a hoax device. The inevitable result: a huge increase in the bomb squad being called out when there’s no reason to suspect a bomb, a bunch of completely false arrests and baseless prosecutions, and a whole lot more federal money for the state and local police to buy vehicles and bomb-squad robots and overtime.

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