Blu-Ray AND HD-DVD broken - processing keys extracted


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  1. Patchman says:

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  2. Leu says:

    I’ve used a third-party Blu-ray/HD DVD Plug-in,and it works wonderful.I don’t have a HDCP video card or HD monitor,but with this plug-in,i can copy my HD/Blu-ray disc to hard drive and watch them with PowerDVD. What’s more, the Blu-ray/HD DVD Plug-in is totally free,you may download it at: and have a try.

  3. patkaa30 says:

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  4. VideoJack says:

    I understand that the big Hollywood studios don’t want rampant illegal DVD Copying, but at the same time there should be a fair use facility that would allow users to make a backup copy of DVDs they own. Sites like review software that helps you backup your DVDs, but the only catch is you have to make sure it’s legal to do in your area.

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