Colossal squid caught

Commercial fishers caught this 990 pound Colossal Squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) in deep Antarctic waters. According to the BBC News, if the squid was cooked into calamari, the rings would be the size of tractor tires. The squid was munching away on a Patagonian toothfish when it was brought to the surface. From the BBC News:
Squidcolossss Colossal squid, which are found deep in Antarctic waters, are thought to be about the same length as giant squid (Architeutis dux) but are much heavier...

The squid was frozen in the ship's hull and brought back to New Zealand for scientific examination.

"The colossal squid has just arrived in New Zealand and it is likely that it is the first intact adult male colossal squid to ever be successfully landed," (New Zealand Fisheries Minister Jim) Anderton said.
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