MoMA website art-prank-hacked by Jenny Holzer impersonator

Paddy Johnson, editor of Art Fag City, tells BoingBoing:

I was tipped off today on one of the best website hacks I've seen in a long time. A hacker taking the voice of Jenny Holzer sends a selection of truisms to MoMA president Glenn Lowry in the form of a MoMA ecard. The is particularly timely given the fact that just last week the New York Times reported that Lowry had received an undisclosed 5 million dollars in addition to his regular salary.
Link to blog post. Text of the prank follows, after the jump.

From Jenny

Dear Glenn,

It's been a while since we've talked. I miss you. We'll have to do lunch next time you're downtown.

Just because we haven't spoken lately doesn't mean that you haven't been on my mind. I mean, it's been impossible not to think of you recently--what with all that pesky news coverage about trustees and tax forms and influence and whatnot. (Don't worry; it's not that bad. Even though it was on page 1 of the Times, it was below the fold. Hardly anyone looks down there.)

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you that you're still tops in my book and that you're frequently in my thoughts. I was actually thinking about you while I made this little e-card for your marketing department. I guess that means that you've become my muse! Thanks for the inspiration. I hope you enjoy the piece.