Best Buy admits to keeping fake rip-off site


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I too am a Best Buy employee and like the employee above i too try to be as fair as possible. However i do not believe the site is a “scam”. yes it does imitate the external site and yes it does have different prices sometimes, but the reason the prices are different is because the internal site is designed to show what is in the store and also shows what the in-store prices are. Best Buy is not the only retailer that does this many stores have online prices that are not the same as in-store prices the only difference is best buy allows you to access a website that lists all of the stores prices. Now the employees at the two Connecticut stores either were practicing a very unethical business sense or were unaware of the difference. I know i am able to access both by simply selecting national or store in the Best buy website widget or going to a different computer that automatically links to the external site. so although it might make things more confusing trying to figure out which site is right to the customer its not a scam and all it takes is simply showing whichever has the lowest price and that’s what you get. and yes sometimes in-store prices are lower than online and so-on and so-forth.

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