Super Duper Asshole Parking is your one-stop shop for venting your rage at bad parkists. I recently started shooting the SUVs parked across two "compact" spaces at USC (it's always SUVs!) and tagging them on Flickr with "niceparkingasshole," but YouParkLikeAnAsshole has got me beat. They have a gallery of shameful parking (including the link below to the special gallery of SUPER DUPER ASSHOLE PARKING) and little fliers you can print and stick under the windshield wipers of the bad parkers in your life. Link (Thanks, Bryson!)

See also: Flickr photos of bad parking at Yahoo

Update: Kevin sez, "The guys at Threadless/Skinnycorp made a site called I Park Like an Idiot a while back that sells bumper stickers that are fitting for the friends in your photo."