Amnesty International makes Guantanamo cell replica

Peter Murphy says:
Picture 1-51 Amnesty International has constructed a highly realistic life size replica of the Guantanamo cell where Australian David Hicks has been languishing for five years. There is a Quicktime virtual reality panorama of it on this Sydney panorama blog site.

Reader comment:

Cyril says:

200703211655 It might be of interest that in Düsseldorf, Germany, where I work right now, there is a quite similar exhibition by artist Gregor Schneider called 'White Torture.'

From the website: The exhibition is a response to images circulating on the Internet of the United States’ maximum security facility Camp V at Guantánamo Bay on Cuba, a ‘no-man’s-land that is shielded as far as possible from the public gaze. The title of the exhibition also references the secret and the clandestine. ‘White torture’, also known as ‘clean torture’, is used of methods that are designed to destroy a person’s mind without leaving any external evidence and hence extremely hard to prove.