Butler cafe in Tokyo

Checkmate is a new cafe in Tokyo's Akihabara district where the female waitresses dress as butlers. It's the sister restaurant to Pinafore, where the waitresses dress as maids. From the Mainichi Daily News:
 National News Images 20070331P2A00M0Na020000P Size6 The cafe, which held a sneak preview for invited guests on Friday, has adopted chess as its motif, with its butlers holding ranks such as "White King" or "Black Knight..."

"There's a wide range of butlers here -- moe (passionate interest) types, good-looking types and tsundere (aloof/lovestruck) types -- so both men and women can enjoy it. We're aiming to be the world's No. 1 butler cafe," (said Black King Soshi).
Link (Thanks, Paul Saffo!)