Great horror/science fiction story podcasts last week

It was a banner week in science fiction/horror podcasting. First there was EscapePod's cast of Ben Rosenbaum's "Start the Clock," a grim and disorienting story of perpetual childhood that reads like Peter Pan by way of Blade Runner. Then there's PseudoPod's "Last Respects," by Dave Thompson (and read by podcast fiction superstar Scott Sigler), a vampire story that manages to be gross, touching, funny and twisted all at once. I love the work that EscapePod and PseudoPod are doing, and I'm very excited to hear that they'll be launching a third podcast, for fantasy stories.

Link to Rosenbaum's Start the Clock, Link to Thompson's Last Respects

Link to EscapePod's podcast feed Link to PseudoPod's podcast feed