VA Tech mass shooting: Who or what is Ismail Ax? UPDATED


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  1. Sam Fisher says:

    I was working with biblical studies for several years, Ismael was the first born of Abraham ( Ibrahim) , his father ( according to Gods wish ) wanted him to be sacrificed, after he took him to the top of the mountain and put the knife on his neck, God has ordered Abram not to do, and instead he offered Abram a sheep to be sacrificed. This story was the proud of the descendants of Ismael for ages, and it had a deep religious meanings within Semitic nations at earlier ages. But When we go to the bible we see the story mentioned in an amazing way, ” Abraham took his only son Isaak to be sacrificed ” !! the strange that when Isaak was born , Ismael -Abraham first born son- was already 12 years old !! so how can Isaak be his only son ? The Jews and later on the Christean’s explane that by ” Ismael was the son of a slave wife ” !! . In reality this racism feelings from the Jews towards other nations was in its top in the 6 th century B.C., when the Jewish nation was forced to leave Palestine or Israel land and live in Babylon, in this period the Torah took its last shape, a lot of additions and changes has happened to the Torah at this time so as to reunite the Jewish troops and religious sects. The original script was : ” Abraham took his only son to .. ” that was Ismael, happened much before Isaak was born, later on in 6 century B.C. was changed to ” Abraham took his only son Isaak to .. “, what proofs this theory is that there is a mentioned story in the bible a couple of pages before this one, talking about when Abraham took Sara ( Isaak mother ) to Egypt and the king there went in Love with Sara after he saw her beauty,and took her to his palace, at night God came into the dream of the king of Egypt warning him not to touch Sara. IF we follow up how old was Sara when this has happened , then we will conclude that she was over 90 years old, then the story will sound very funny, in fact this story like the sacrifice story happened much earlier time than Isaak was born. Now by changing the nice boy who was obeying blindly his father’s orders by his younger brother Isaak, Isaak became the only son of his father as the older one’s mother were a slave, a sharp discrimination and racism started from next Jews ( Isaak sons)generations towards the Arabs (Ismail sons), as they are not considered as Abraham sons according to the Torah. To be the descendant of Abraham was very important and sensitive even in the time of Jesus, you can read in Mathew, John is tilling the Jews, ” Stop saying we are the sons of Abraham, God if he wishes can make from the stones sons to Abraham”, also lets remember that the Sumerians were not the descendants of Abraham, so their BLOOD was not Jewish blood, but their religion was Jewish, and they were not allowed to go into the temple of Salomon in Jerusalem, Jesus tried to protect their wrights in several speeches. SO AS A CONCLUSION :Ismael Ax in red ( Blood colour): Ismael is fighting back for his stolen name, for his blood connection to Abraham, against racism. Maybe this story became a symbolic story in the mind of Cho in his fight against who had hurted him, as the ones who has hurted – according to his last words – were powerful and rich, and he considered the way he is going to die is similar to the one of Jesus.

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