Interview with John Kricfalusi

Cold Hard Flash has a great interview with Ren and Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi. It's loaded with videos and art samples, both new and old.
200704241423 AARON: You once mentioned that your "breakfast diet was planned by Bugs Bunny, Yogi Bear and Rocky Squirrel." Recent studies have revealed that "less than 2% of television commercials are for foods that promote a balanced diet." With the spiraling obesity and childhood diabetes epidemics in America, do you think that children's advertisers should be regulated?

JOHN: No. But companies that make healthier products should jump on the bandwagon and get me to create mascots for them and cartoons that entertain kids and sell the healthy foods. Lots of healthy food actually tastes good and most fast foods taste like crap.

When I was a kid I ate whatever cereal had the best cartoon character on the box and had the best prize. Most cereal doesn't taste very good anyway. We just ate it so we could get the next box and prize.

I'm amazed at how amateurish the graphics are now even on the big name cereals. They don't even look fun anymore. I could cure that so easily. Hell, kids wanted to buy Log just because of the commercial! I'm obsessed with packaging and would love to find sponsors that see that making their products seem fun will sell a lot more products.


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