Winner of Schwarzenegger impersonation contest

Arnold01 Last week, I posted an entry about my daughter's school field trip to the California State Capitol, where she and her classmates met with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Link). The governor chatted with the students for a while, answering their questions, and telling them about his acting acheivements. He said playing Mr. Freeze in Batman and Robin was one of his favorite roles.

He also handed out small color photographs of himself to the students. When my daughter returned home, she showed me the photo and I noticed a sticker on the back with a warning not to use the photograph for any purpose besides personal enjoyment by the recipient.

I thought it would be fun to post a reproduction of the sticker and invite readers to impersonate the governor reciting the warning. Within 24 hours, nearly 100 people called the Boing Boing hotline to give their impersonation. Every one of these people did a much better job of impersonating the governor than I could have done. In fact, they did a better job that the governor himself could have done.

It was hard to pick a winner, but I finally settled on Matt Plumb, who not only did a first-rate job of impersonating Governor Schwarzenegger, but also added some awesome ad-lib commentary. Congratulations, Matt!

Here's Matt's winning entry, followed by several other excellent entries to the competition. The impersonators are, in order of presentation: Alex Carey, Grey Hodge, Morris Pratt, Anonymous, Mark McQuillen, and Rich Sigfrit. Thanks very much for your excellent comtributions, everyone!

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