US Army: reporters are "threat," just like Al Qaeda; milblogs = "therapy"

Over at the Wired News "Danger Room" defense blog, Noah Shachtman and others have been covering the new Army operational security guidelines that amount to a major crackdown on milbloggers and would-be whistleblowers, and a hardening of stance against the media. Snip:
To the Army's 1st Information Operations Command, the "media" is just another threat -- along with "al Qaeda," "hackers," and "drug cartels."   Military bloggers are even lower than that: just poor saps looking for a "therapeutic" way to get out their feelings.  No wonder the Army has put out new rules that could very well kill the sites off.

I've pasted a couple of screenshots below.  But it's really worth checking out the Information Operation Command's whole presentation on "OPSEC in the Blogosphere," obtained by Steven Aftergood's Secrecy News.

Link to post.

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