Iraq: Kurdish girl stoned to death, mob films it on cameraphones


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I Come from kurdistan (Iraq) from a Muslim background I married someone outside of my culture, Hoever, I was one of the lucky few. My family supported my dicission and now love me, my husband and my kids more than anything in the world. I cannot explain the anger and fury that goes on in my mind when I saw this video for the first time. I have two beautiful daughters and can not imagine doing nothing while someone tries to hurt them let alone kill them. It is people and incidents like these that give our people a bad name.
    I urge you not to think that we are all savages like those who stood there and watched that beautiful young girl get beaten and stoned to death. It was just as much of a shock to us as the rest of the wold.

  2. Araceli says:

    I am a woman! I am a 21 year old girl who felt appalled and disturbed after watching this gruesome video. How could these men take the life of a young girl? I simply cannot get over what I have observed! It makes me feel incompetent for not having the ability to speak up my mind and let the world know how horrifying individuals, specifically those of the Middle East, could be. I don’t want to generalize since I know that not all of Middle Eastern individuals are shockingly mad. However, it disturbs me that a young girl was killed, no I take that back, a girl was slaughtered by what looked like a house of demented and uncontrolled men. I too was shocked and cried after looking at this video because it captures how the life of a woman is taken away by uninhibited animals. The life of a baby, child, boy, girl, women, and even men should not be taken away that easily even if he/she doesn’t follow specific cultural patterns. Moments like this make me refer back to my religion and question my own God. Where were you my Lord while this young girl suffered and needed you the most? I realize, however, that my God has put this video through my path to create a state of consciousness into my mind. He wants me to be aware of what is occurring to individuals living, not only in the Middle East, but all over the world. I understand that He wants me to do something and stop future murders. I truly want to do something and speak up and let the world know how cruel people can be. I want to speak my mind!!! I want to help others and be someone in life!!! I want to be that person that creates a sense of consciousness into the minds of everyone in the world. As well as creating consciousness into the minds of ignorant and horrifying animals as the ones who killed this innocent 17 year old girl!!!

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