WWII poster of Donald Duck upset because he has no condom

Here's a rare piece of Disneyana up for auction:
This rare poster is the only one we know of and we believe of Australian issue. Text at top reads "And Me With Out A Pro[phylactic]! Be Sly VD Is High." Great art depicts Donald Duck in an Australian soldier's uniform while behind him is an attractive woman in a tight slinky dress lying in wait behind a large plant. Donald has an exasperated look on his face as he is without a prophylactic. At the lower right is insignia "4MCD," we believe to be for the Fourth Medical Corps Division. Art is signed "Cyril Jones."


  1. So many questions. Why is this woman sleeping under foliage on some South Pacific island?

    Is she maybe some sort of trap set by the Japanese, laden with VD? The femme fatale equivalent of a balloon bomb?

    Or is she some sort of woodland nymph/dryad indigenous to the South Pacific?

    If Donald Duck did have a condom, would he at least wake her up first?

    Did the Australian army really condone relations between aquatic fowl and mysterious hot blondes?

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