InfoBunker: nuclear hardened data center

InfoBunker is a Cold War era government command bunker converted into a data center. The Department of Defense built it to survive a "Maximum Probably Event," such as a 20-megaton nuclear explosion. The 65,000 square foot, mostly-underground facility is equipped with a Nuc/Bio/Chem air filtration system. Secure N+1 rack co location starts at $850/month. Blogger Brien Tiemann was invited for a no photo visit:
Infobunker It's not my place to go into too much detail about what's housed in the bunker, as just to get inside under escort you have to agree to a strict no-photos policy (perfectly understandable); but suffice it to say that the simplex lock on the main hut door is only the very beginning. Many hardened, keycoded, and biometric-protected doors stand between the outside world and the data centers, including the self-sufficient power systems (six days' worth of diesel fuel; 17,000 gallons of water (for drinking and fire suppression); military-grade NBC air filtration). It's built to withstand a 20-megaton nuclear blast at 2.5 miles, according to the website, and I can believe it. Your data will be intact even if the rest of the Internet has been vaporized.
Link to Tiemann's post, Link to InfoBunker (Thanks, COOP!)