Passive aggressive notes taped in offices and shared houses

A Boing Boing reader says: "Passive-aggressive notes from roommates, neighbors, coworkers and strangers -- a funny sub-genre of the whole found notes phenomenon, and something that anyone who's ever had to share a kitchen or a bathroom can probably relate to. (Tags include exclamation-point happy!, not-so-veiled-threats, and "helpful" advice.)" Link

Reader comment:

Guillaume says:

The usual comeback is to write "I also spit in yours" below.

Keep up the good work.

Nick says:
Made me think of this part of William Gibson's Virtual Light,
Rydell got his bag of cornflakes out of the cupboard and carefully unrolled it. About enough for a bowl. He opened the fridge and took out a plastic, snap-top, liter container with a strip of masking-tape across the side. He'd written MILK EXPERIMENT on the masking-tape with a heavy marker.

"What's that?" Hernandez asked.

"Milk." "Why's it say 'experiment?'"

"So nobody'll drink it. I figured it out in the dorm at the Academy." He dumped the cornflakes in a bowl, covered them with milk, found a spoon, and carried his breakfast to the kitchen table. The table had a trick leg, so you had to eat without putting your elbows down.

I always liked that part quite a bit! Thanks!