Topsy-Turvy Bus

 Wp-Content Uploads Topsy The Topsy-Turvy bus is touring the US to "dramatically depict America's upside down budget priorities." Art car artist Tom Kennedy and his crew built it by welding together two yellow buses, one upside down on top of the other right side-up. Ben (Ben & Jerry's) Cohen hatched the idea with designer Stefan Sagmeister. Much more on the project at Laughing Squid.
Link (Thanks, Jennifer Lum!)

 11 14200873 034A83D118 UPDATE: BB reader Brittanie Shey sends us this "mirror image" VW bug seen at the 2005 Houston Art Car Parade. Link


  1. Alas poor Tom, you will be missed. We never met, but I certainly was amused and entertained by the Fish Car and Topsy-Turvy bus while working in the Box Shop on SWARM.
    Here’s to you sir!
    Thanks for all your art and all your heart.

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