BBC shredded on bad science in WiFi scare report

Glenn "WiFi News" Fleishman sez, "The BBC recently ran a terrible half-hour program on the risks from Wi-Fi to 'the children.' While there's no reason to not study the matter further, the report relied on measurements taken by a lobbyist who also sells tinfoil hats and measurement devices to those afraid of wireless signals. The report also seemed to systematically avoid using the scientific method, instead relying on vagueness and analogy. There's no reliable (peer reviewed, etc.) that shows any risk from Wi-Fi, and the cell phones studies performed on real populations (instead of lab conditions with high signal strength and rats and such) show no increased risk for specific cancers. Bad Science tears apart the report and shows how the BBC itself, in a follow up, reamed the show's presenter about the information presented, too." Link (Thanks, Glenn!)

Update: Chris sez, "Wellington Grey's 'Miscellanea' has a great take on the WiFi scare.