Tim Biskup's limited Dragamel vinyl figure released today

 Flopdoodle Wd Wd-Images 0 In honor of Tim Biskup's new gallery exhibition, Ether, he's created a limited "War Dragon" edition of his Dragamel vinyl figure and filled its guts with custom-cast miniature pewter weapons and assorted odds and sods from other Dragamel figures. The edition consists of just 25 figures, each signed, numbered, and packaged in a stenciled tin box. Ten of the 25 go on sale today at 5pm but can only be nabbed in person at Tim's show at the Billy Shire Fine Arts gallery in Culver City, CA. The rest will apparently become available Two new limited edition prints, Armor Totem and Tyrant, are also being released.
Link to images of Dragamel "War Dragon," Link to Billy Shire Fine Arts

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