Venezuelan media crackdown: TV anchors sign off, mouths shut

Anonimo in Venezuela says,
In this video, you can see the strange and sad way that the news program on RCTV shut down this past Friday, after Venezuela's president arbitrarily decided to close it.

Each worker at the TV station, hundreds of people whose jobs depend on this network which has been critical of Chavez, will be unemployed tomorrow.

The station closes Monday May 28th thanks to a political decision through which Chavez seeks to gain total control of the basic freedoms of the country's citizens.

The world needs to know. Only you guys abroad can help us spread the word. Chavez spends hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying around the world with goverments and earning many international support at the expense of our taxes, natural resources, and freedoms.

Many of us are scared, but we are willing to do something about it.

Video link.

And here are videos of demonstrations against chavez closing down this channel, the most popular tv station in Venezuela, one that has been on the airwaves for 53 years: Link 1, Link 2.

Here's a Reuters item about the TV shutdown by Chavez. It will be replaced by a state-run channel "promoting President Hugo Chavez's self-proclaimed socialist revolution in a move widely criticized as a threat to democracy."

(posted from Central America / Xeni)

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  1. You know, I completely agree with you, ROB W, and you are the only one right on here…the TV station was only denied renuing their license becuase they were openly encouraging the coup against Hugo Chavez rule..which any of us can see President Bush doing on the same level if he could get away with it. I think it’s so backwards, people calling Chavez a guerilla, terrorist when he is only a true revolutionary, and promoting the change and improvement of his own country. He also allows himself power to decide what is best for his people so as well as protecting his country he must promote and keep in place a mentality of change. If the Catholics in Venezuela, would wake up and think for themselves, instead of promoting a “democratic” system, and snuggling up with the U.S., they may see a system that has already worked better in many countries than Democracy has, even. I think in every way and with the upmost of love, Chavez wants to see his people self determined, not opressed and also abundant and rich in resources..that before his time, were all traded out to America for very little money. Chavez promoting his people to stand with arms against U.S. influence is no different than our separation from England, in our occupation of the Americas..we decided what Government was right for us, took up arms, killed us some Brits and won our right to the type of Government we thought was best for us, the foundation of this country…is revolution. No different. Viva la revolucion!

  2. Reina V, I’m seriously wondering whether you’re astroturf. You’re the first commenter on this story, but you’re apparently responding to another commenter named ROB W, and your first sentence implies a more populous comment thread.

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