Flickr challenge -- ink a Kirby Thor page

Apelad has issued a challenge. Can you ink a Kirby pencil page better than Vince Colletta? I've been known to make disparaging remarks about Vince "the Prince" Colletta's inking style, and now I am going to have to put up or shut up.
If you're a fan of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's epic run on the Mighty Thor, you've heard (and maybe even share) the complaints about the inking style of Vince Colletta. Well, now is your chance to put your ink where your mouth is and have some fun re-embellishing a select page of Kirby's dynamic artistry!

Thanks to the assistance of John Morrow, publisher of The Jack Kirby Collector, I've posted a photostat of Jack Kirby's pencils from a page of Thor issue 144 for you to ink, experiment, and play with. Issue 49 of the Jack Kirby Collector is dedicated to Thor, and Mr. Morrow has indicated he may run select examples of the inked pages submitted to this group!*

Feel free to use the discussions in this group to share your thoughts or links about Kirby, Thor, inking tips and techniques, and even the infamy of the prolific one himself: Vince "the Prince" Colletta.