Google Maps is spying on my cat, says freaked out BB reader


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Above, commenter Rich Gibson mocks the topic subject’s concern for privacy by citing “You don’t have a right to ‘privacy’ over what can be seen while driving the speed limit past your house.” Well, for that to be true, I guess Rich Gibson drives a double decker bus 2.5 building floors tall, at 1 mile per hour, while peeping deep into strangers’s 2nd floor homes without their knowledge or consent.

    Yet Rich Gibson fails to post his own address here, so that anyone with any motive can peer across the internet for a freeze-frame view of HIS family members. Evidently he has the luxury of amused insensitivity about privacy concerns of vulenrable citizens who live in urban zones with escalating crime rates. As the above cat owner, and others, do.

    By pure chance I stumbled upon this blog while researching violation of my own residential privacy by google’s invasive cameras, which I learned of only today, a full year after blog topic started). I’m somewhat relieved to see my own home just happened to have drapes closed on the day google-snoops immortalized visual intrusion into my apartment for the whole internet world to see. (Luckily, where my drapes gape from a window frame, only my unusual wall color is shown.) I’d be horrified to have any further violation of my privacy, which I go great lengths to safeguard! By pure chance, I recognize the above subject’s exact location as mere blocks away from where I live and daily drive. And I recognize her name from an internet discussion group we both subscribe to. Great, now I know more about her than I ever wanted to. It nauseates me to consider how easily I accidently availed myself of this unauthorized visual intrusion into her home. Thus, how easily ANYONE can. Myself, as a single woman living alone in our city with skyrocketing crime rates, (AND, my being an again survivor of 2 different life-threatening crimes), I offer my profound condolences to the cat owner, and to all other unauthorized techno upskirts, for this unfortunate but irreversable situation. (I refuse to participate in even re-publishing her name, since it’s unclear how this page’s blogger ever came to access and rebroadcast her original comments, in the first place.)

  2. Rent a Car airport says:

    There is a way to have an image removed from Google’s Street View — or at least an interfact that allows you to report an inappropriate image. If you hit “Street View help” from the image window, there’s a link at the bottom that allows you to “Report inappropriate image.” One of the options is “this image infringes on my privacy.”

  3. PhatMac says:

    After looking at my local area in Derby, UK, I noticed that the wealthy area of quarndon is not included. Also dodgy drug dealing residencies near Arboretum, Normanton, are missing.

    So why the hell should ordinary people have their properties on there without their personal consent and more importantly without the personal request from a large arrogant multi-billion organisation that thinks they can just ‘get away with it’.

    It is most probable that the way people will hit back, will be by complete refusal to use google search engine and related facilities. It’s amazing how quickly their share price would drop, if they’re seen as an undesirable organisation, and, clearly, an accessory to the criminal empire! Even better, why don’t we short the b**tards!

    Why the hell should Cherie Blair have her house swiftly removed when she has been known to be a qc for alledged criminals. Kind of stinks doesn’t it?

    Change your search engine now – I have.

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