Robot rights activist attacked by human superiority bigots

Many BB readers wrote in with news of the unthinkable cruelty unleashed against a robots rights activist in western eastern Pennsylvania.

BB reader Amber says,

In April, a fellow student at Kutztown University was arrested for 'Fauxtesting'. In response to some insane Christian protesting he made a sign demanded equal rights for all Robots. He's one in a long line of fake-protesters who go out to reflect on all of the insane-protests in the world.

I've spoken with Charles Kline a few times, and he's a really nice guy. He was arrested for holding up a sign and must now cough up $300 for disturbing the peace on campus while the Christian protesters got off with a warning.

I went to the school and I can say this honestly shocks me. It's a normally laid-back campus in a liberal town. All I can think is after the VT attacks the school and police thought he might gun down a few people so robots get the right to vote.


BB reader Richard asks, "When will our authorities finally be willing to face the Robot Rights issue with integrity?", and points us to more on the story: Link (thanks also, CMB). Here are two related news reports: one, two.

Reader comment: Jake Landis writes,

Kutztown is actually in eastern Pennsylvania – as opposed to western PA, where robots are programmed to call soda “soda,” not “soda pop.”