EFF privacy attorney is a magnet for privacy invading street-searches

kevingoogled.jpg My friend Kevin Bankston is the EFF attorney who runs a lot of the privacy stuff for the organization; ironically he is also a magnet for Internet surveillance cameras!

When Amazon A9 rolled out its (now defunct) street-search program, they caught Kevin out front of EFF's San Francisco office, sneaking a cigarette. Now, Google Street View has caught Kevin again, a couple blocks from EFF, walking to work. Link

Update: Google won't take down Kevin's pic without a photo of his driver's license and lots of other info, and Google doesn't have any apparent privacy policy governing the use of all that info you give them to protect your privacy.

Attach a clear, readable copy of a valid photo ID (e.g. driver's license, national ID card, etc). If you are requesting removal of an image of a location, attach a copy of a document demonstrating your association with that location ( e.g. business card or letterhead).