Good Copy, Bad Copy: superb copyright documentary on the remix wars

I just watched Good Copy, Bad Copy, a stunning Danish documentary on remix culture and copyright, available as a free download. The film skips around the world, showing the changing attitudes toward art and culture in Nigeria, Sweden, Brazil, the UK, and the US, answering statements about incentives and creativity by the MPAA and IFPI by showing us real artists (like Danger Mouse and Girl Talk) making wonderful art that, according to the gangsters in the entertainment industry, no one will make without copyright.

The movie has a very light touch, and a lot of humor. This has been a banner year for copyright documentaries, but this is the best looking of the lot, with superb production values. This is a masterclass on the copyright wars crammed into 58 minutes of video -- a must-see. Link


  1. hi there. It’s elena, an italian girl who is always used to read your posts. So, I am writing in order to tell you that I posted right now an article on my blog, citing you and this article about copyright and about the documentary from these danish guys. So I have written or the link, if you want to check it.
    Pay attention: it is all written in italian.
    I thought it would be good to tell you about this.

    Take care. Bye

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