Dude in line for iPhone to raise money for AIDS drugs in Africa

Sean Ganann from the promotional agency Anomaly (they were the guys behind the Virgin name-a-plane thing) tells BoingBoing:

One of the partners here at Anomaly is first in line for an iPhone at the NY Soho Apple store -- he's been waiting there all day.

The twist is that Johnny Vulkan's iPhone will go straight up on to eBay with the proceeds going to Keep A Child Alive, an organization that provides anti-retroviral treatment to children infected with AIDS in Africa. Some of our other clients have joined in with Jawbone adding two bluetooth headsets and Virgin America throwing two round trip tickets in the mix.

Link to Johnny Vulkan's flickr account with pix from the stunt, and here's more on the cause.

Update: Well now, here's another "first in line" guy, in another city, with a different mission: Link.