Hong Kong: the Flickr'd photo that got blogger Oiwan in trouble


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  1. Anonymous says:

    it looks like his account is safe again. HOWEVER, most of the photos are still marked ‘restricted’ and cannot be viewed.

    the problem is that some of the photos that can be viewed have not been flagged correctly (nudity should be ‘moderate’ or ‘restricted’). so there is a risk that his flickr account could be jeopardized again. i hope ioerror will understand that and flag his photos accordingly.


  2. Marc Turnley says:

    I recently had the same problem as Coop.

    Carefully tagged and moderated content.

    Then one day, without any warning I was no longer safe.

    After a review I was tagged as moderate.

    This is retarded.

    And as a customer of Yahoo, indeed it’s poor service. I hope Yahoo / Flickr sinks even further (witness the December dismissal of George Oates) to the point where someone with a clue grabs ahold of the reins.

    I’ve given up on Flickr as anything more than Myspace for photographers.

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